Seizure Alert Training

A Seizure Medical Alert Dog can be a life-saver (literally!).  These dogs are a specialty trained dog that can assist their handlers with detecting early on set of seizures, convulsions, and other physiologically risks or episodes.
Using their senses, a canine can be trained to help the owner or handler by notifying them with a preventative motive to help with the early detection of a possible seizure or convulsion.

What can a Seizure Alert Dog Do?

Seizure alert dogs can be trained to perform a variety of tasks, including:

  • Lying next to the handler after having a seizure to prevent further injury.
  • Placing their body between their handler and the floor to break a potentially damaging fall at the onset of a seizure.
  • Remaining by the side of a handler during a seizure or convulsion episode, providing comfort and console.
  • Canines can activate rescue devices to call for help or notify the handler through touch or feel allowing the handler to take preventative action.

At #WOOF, we work hard to train the dog to assist with Seizure Alert  requirements.

We are a non-profit that helps with this process, charging only minimum fees to help without a guardian in this matter!

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